The Ethiopian Orthodox Churches around the world



The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Holy Synod:

The Ethiopian Orthodoxo TewahedoChurch Sunday School Department

The Orthodox (Addis Ababa)

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church in South Africa


Asia/ Middleeast

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Debre Selam Medhaniealem , Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates



This is about the Holy Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Debre Genet St. Mary\'s Church in Winnipeg, Canada.



St. Mary of Debre Tsion Ethiopian Orthodox Church in London

The Ethiopian church in Germany

A good site that has a good information on EOC

Debre Mewi St. Gabriel Church in the Netherlands.


North America

St. Mary's Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles.

Seattle Gebriel (Mekane Birhan)

St. Mary's Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Washington DC
Dingel Mariam Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church of Our Savior in New York

Global Church address of the EOCH

Mekane Selam Medhanealem Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Berkley, California

The Reise Adbarat Debre Selam Kidist Mariam Church Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Washington DC

The United Ethiopian Orthodox Church residing in USA

It provides a good back ground about the faith and history of the church

Provides contact address of the Ethiopian Orthodox Churches in the USA

St Mary’s Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Phonics

Ethiopian Orthodox page

Online Songs and Liturgy

Debreselam Medhanealem, Edmonton, Canada

Debelo Traditional Church education online

Saint Kidane Mehret Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church, Sacramento, USA -



Historical and other relevant sites to the Ethiopian orthodox Church

Online Amharic Bible

Online Amharic Bible and information about Ethiopia (Amharic Bible)

A summary of the Book Enoch,

The Book Of Enoch

The Ethiopian Bible Society

Institut of Ethiopian studies, Addis Ababa University

Ethiopian writing system

Ethiopian writing system

African writing system

Introduction to the Ethiopian orthodox church and the culture

The Association for the Return of The Maqdala (or Magdala) Ethiopian Treasures - is an international organisation dedicated to retrieving priceless treasures looted during the British invasion of Ethiopia in 1867-8.

An article about the Ethiopian church

A brief introduction of the Ethiopian Palm Sunday and Easter celebration


Where is the Ark of the Covenant?
Biblical archeology , The sign and the Seal, A Relic with a future? , Ark of the Covenant, lost or found? The Holy of olies of the Ark of the Covenant., The Ark of the Covenant, Ark of the Covenant found? , On the trail of the Ark.

Ark of the Covenant features in Ethiopian celebration

An article "Ethiopian Christians believe they have the Ark of Covenant and Ten Commandments" ttp://

The return of the Ark from scotland after it was looted during the Napier expidition in 1867

Ethiopian Christians in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher

"From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia My worshipers, the daughter of My dispersed ones, shall bring My offering" (Zephaniah 3:10).

Past and present Patriarchs database

List of Bookstore, icons etc

Ethiopian Royals history

Queen of Sheba,,
An African Civilization of Late Antiquity

Ethiopia and the original civilization

A collection of Essays by Richard Punkrust

Richard Pankhurst Ethiopia across the Red Sea


20th century Ethiopian history,

Medieval Ethiopian History

Ethiopian Medieval period manuscripts

Ethiopian Medieval period manuscripts

Emperor Amde Tsion

Emperor Zera Yacob ,,

In search of Prester John

Ethiopian History

Lists Ethiopian historical books available for sale

Essays on Ethiopia

Traditional Ethiopian painting collection

Sacred sites of Ethiopia



Sister Oriental Churches around the world


The Syrian Orthodox Church

The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

The Antiochian Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand

St. Barnabas Orthodox Church Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church in Canada

St. Stephen Antiochian Orthodox Church


The Coptic Church

Very useful website with regard to the Orthodox Theology

Pop Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Theological Colleg. This web site contains information for distance study students and anyone who is interested to study at the College.

The Official Site of H.H. Pope Shenouda III

Coptic Orthodox Electronic Publishing in Australia

Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of Los Angeles

Coptic Orthodox Church of Australia

St. Tekele Haimanot Church

Coptic site provide testimony of people converted from Muslim background


The Indian Church

St Thomas Indian Orthodox Church

Indian Orthodox Church News Paper

The Malankara Orthodox Church



Its purpose is to give an overview of the Christian, Hebrew, Persian, and Islamic calendars in common use. It will provide a historical background for the Christian calendar

The purpose of this page is to clear up a few questions that some might have regarding the calendar system that the Coptic Orthodox Church follows.

Calendar zone with festivals and holidays in different parts of the World



meeting between the Oriental churches and the catholic Church

About the orthodox religion

About the orthodox religion

About the Greek orthodox religion and historical sites

Orthodox Dictionary

Online bookstore with summary

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various Bible versions

Ethiopia-America-Israel Citizens Network for the Restoration of Der el-Sultan Monastery
AAU-Network Der el-Sultan Monastery Project

Orthodox Encyclopedia

Orthodox Encyclopedia